remoteEncFs - Use a remote file system using EncFS(1) locally


remoteEncFs command-option [option]...

remoteEncFs -H


remoteEncFs is a helper for using a remote file system using EncFS(1) on a local computer. It covers several use cases controlled by options.

Nowadays people like to use Boxcryptor Classic to encrypt file systems residing in cloud storage. Boxcryptor Classic uses a format which is compatible with EncFS. remoteEncFs is tailored to deal with such a situation.


Command options


rsync the remote tree to the local tree.

Requires -r/--remote-mount and -l/--local-mount.


Mount an encrypted tree so it can be used locally. A local copy is mounted read-only. The password is required on STDIN.

Requires either -r/--remote-root or -l/--local-root. Requires -d/--decrypt-root.


rsync the local tree to the remote tree.

Requires -r/--remote-root and -l/--local-root.


Unmount an encrypted tree.

Requires either -r/--remote-root or -l/--local-root. Requires -d/--decrypt-root.

Unmounting fails if the decrypted file system is still in use.

Other options

-c file

File to use as a configuration file for the encrypted file system.

Defaults to the builtin default of encfs which is .encfs6.xml in the top level of the encrypted file system.

-d path

Path to use as local mount point for the decrypted tree.

-l path

Root of a local copy of the encrypted remote tree.

-r path

Path where the encrypted remote tree shall be mounted.

This path is simply used as target for mount / umount commands. To make such mounts work means additional configuration such as in /etc/fstab or similar.


Operate verbose.


By default a local copy is mounted read-only to prevent changing the local copy by normal use. Using this option the local copy is mounted read-write.


Generate the man page for this program on standard output.

If an unknown option such as -. is given, a short usage message is generated.


  1. Everything fine

  2. Invalid option.

  3. Invalid parameters of some kind.

  4. An underlying command failed terribly.

  5. Something failed. For instance unmounting didn't work because the underlying file system is still used.




Stefan Merten <>


This program is licensed under the terms of the GPL. See