moin2rst -- convert a MoinMoin Wiki page to reStructuredText syntax


Use MoinMoin action render as restructuredtext [<option>]... page


moin2rst contains a MoinMoin formatter plugin which formats a MoinMoin Wiki page as reStructuredText.

It is accompanied by a MoinMoin action plugin to use it inside a MoinMoin Wiki and by a script to be used from the command line.

Action RenderAsRestructuredtext

If the action plugin is installed each page should come with an additional action render as restructuredtext in the list of possible actions. Using this action renders the page as text/x-rst and returns it to the browser where it can be saved for further use.

See INSTALLATION for instructions for installing the action plugin.

Command line interface

The command line interface is implemented by and can be used together with an existing Wiki installation.

See OPTIONS for the options of the script.


General options

-d directory

Directory where the configuration of the wiki lives.

Defaults to ..

-r revision

Revision of the page to fetch (1-based).

Defaults to current revision.

-u url-template

If the wiki given by -d/--directory is part of a wiki farm then this gives a template to generate an URL from. The URL must be matched by one of the regular expressions found in wikis in the respective

url-template may contain at most one %. The % is replaced by page to form a valid URL. If % is omitted it is assumed at the end.

Defaults to the empty string.



The page named page is used as input. Output is to stdout.


The package contains two plugins: The formatter plugin which is needed always and the action plugin which is needed if the formatter should be used as an action.

Formatter plugin

Simply put to MoinMoin's plugin/formatter directory.

Action plugin

Simply put to MoinMoin's plugin/action directory.

Command line interface

The script does not need installation.


Stefan Merten <>


moin2rstis licensed under the terms of the GPL. See